Primary Complaints

Remember: Nerves control muscles and muscles move bones.

Sometimes your body seems to lose the ability to fully recover and heal. Accidents or injuries can cause postural distortions that stretch or put pressure on nerves. Emotional or mental stressors can impact on posture or cause our muscles to tense up. In a healthy physiology you adapt to the stressors and return to normal limits. If stresses overwhelm or simply too many happen at once, your body can become locked in an unhealthy physiology. The Primary complaint is the Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation, not the symptoms that arise from it.

Put another way, Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation results in a distortion of your structure which can put pressure on or impede the function of your nerves through stretch (think over-stretched elastic band). When there is more neuro-spinal dys-regulation that we can adapt to, we see secondary conditions.

At Naturally Empowered Welllness & Chiropractic in Wilmslow, we assess the relationship between your muscles, nerves and bones (posture and spinal alignment) to evaluate for neuro-structural dys-regulation that may be causing a whole host of secondary conditions.

Once the Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation has been corrected we will teach you how to main and/or enhance your results through a customized program for your spine and nervous system so that the problem doesn't come back.


Secondary Conditions

Traditional healthcare professionals commonly treat or manage the secondary conditions or symptoms, rather than focussing on the underlying cause.

Secondary conditions are symptoms that occur as a result of a primary Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation. We help you heal the primary condition so that the secondary condition doesn't keep on coming back.

Common secondary conditions include:

·         Back pain

·         Neck pain

·         Headaches or migraine

·         Recurrent sports injuries

·         Arthritic pain

·         Trapped nerves or sciatica

·         Muscle weakness

·         Low energy

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Lack of focus

·         Learning disabilities or developmental delay

·         Ear infections or colic

·         Assymetrical or abnormal crawling 

A common example of treating a secondary condition is a muscle spasm that keeps coming back over and over, regardless of the treatment and rest taking. If the nerve firing to the muscle is not functioning properly that problem will not resolve until Neuro-Structural Integrity is restored and the nerve can do its job properly.

Many people are frustrated and despondent about their secondary conditions and some have lost hope.