We are open Monday to Thursday for appointments. 


Initial Consultation                                                 £50
2nd Family Member Initial Consultation                £25

Initial Consultation includes personalized report of findings. See Your First Visit for more details

Regular visit (adult)                                                  £33
Regular visit (child)                                                   £22

Introductory Workshop/Level 2 Workshop            no charge

We also offer packages for those requiring longer term care. Please enquire after your Report of Findings if you are interested.

Our adjusting hours are as follows: 

Rachael Talbot, MSc (Chiropractic), DC
Monday     11.00-13.30
Tuesday    3.30-6.30
Wednesday 11.00-13.30
Thursday   3,30-6.30

Olaf Frank, MChiro, DC
Monday 3.30-6.30
Tuesday 10-12.30
Wednesday 3.30-6.30
Thursday 10-12.30

New Patients will be seen around these hours (between 10 and 7.30 pm). There are a limited number of after work appointments available for those needing them. The last treatment appointment of the day is however at 6.15 pm. 

Workshops usually start at 7 or 7.15pm and run for 1-2 hours.