Want Help to Help Yourself?

Neuro-Activation Exercises

When you choose to work with a health-care professional you have choices about your level of involvement in the process. Many practitioners believe that it is their role to fix you, and don’t ask you to be involved in your process.

We encourage full participation on your part because our experience, combined with research has shown that the more involved you are in your healing, the greater the likelihood of sustainability and the faster improvements will occur.

We run regular workshops on an approach called Neuro-Activation Exercises (NAE). Based on the 12 Stages of Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein, we take the 12 Stages of Healing to new depths.

Early NAE focusses on teaching you how to become aware of what is going on in your body, how you hold tension and stress, how your body reacts to situations around you and how your thoughts can keep you stuck in defensive patterns.

If you chose to progress to Intermediate NSA expect to learn how your body makes change, how your thoughts impact on your health and how to take control of your healing and make positive change in your body.

The amount of participation is your choice. We encourage you to become fully involved so that you can get the most from chiropractic and more importantly from life.

This approach is based on the 12 Stages of Healing by Dr Donald Epstein. Read more on all 12 stages to understand in depth the philosophy behind this amazing tool for healing and growth.