NSA Elsewhere in the UK

We love to work with other NSA practitioners and are regularly asked for referrals. Here is our list of practitioners using NSA (who have a website), and are offer levels 1 and 2 NSA, and have attended recent seminars. There are also practitioners who can currently offer NSA in combination with other techniques or who have trained in NSA, but not for a long time, that we have not included. Please ask if the area you require is not covered because there may be a practitioner who can help or is new to us.

Bristol: Michelle Heming www.nsachiropracticbristol.co.uk

Bath: Thomasina Craster www.myabundantlife.co.uk

Bournemouth: Krishan Ramyead www.thrivechiropractic.co.uk

Buckingham: Francesca Aitken www.awakenchiropractic.co.uk

Cwmbran/Cardiff: Anne O’Donoghue www.optimalhealthchiropractic-swales.co.uk

Edinburgh: Gary Blackwood www.whitetreechiro.co.uk

Guildford: Priscilla Stevens www.vibrantworld.co.uk

Holmfirth: Margaret Nolan www.holmevalleyhealingarts.co.uk

London: MaryAnne Shiozawa www.shiozawawellness.com

London: Fiona Marsden 07764 181134

Ware: Francesca Aitken www.awakenchiropractic.co.uk

Totness: Claire Ryan www.totneschiropractic.co.uk

Warwickshire: Jo Wise www.naturalbalancechiro.co.uk

Wetherby: Dave Hill www.brighterlifechiropractic.com

Wilmslow: Rachael Talbot and Olaf Frank www.naturallyempowered.co.uk

Worthing: Rowen Simpson www.spinewaves.co.uk