Before describing the service we offer it’s important to explain what conventional chiropractic care involves.

Most Chiropractors use a combination of massage, soft tissue work and spinal manipulation to reduce muscle spasm, increase range of motion and reduce pain. Many of them do it very well.

If however your problem is related to a Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation then you may require someone who focusses on Neuro-Structural Integrity. 

Nerves control muscles and muscles move bones

Your nervous system controls every function in your body including muscles, joints, organs and also feelings and thoughts. If you have  Neuro-Structural Dys-regulation you may be expressing a whole host of secondary complaints

Our goal is Neuro-Structural Integrity and our approach is called Neuro-Spinal Activation which uses a combination of chiropractic techniques and home exercises (don't worry, everyone can do them)