I have this conversation with clients when they are talking about the symptoms that are “ruling their life” so regularly I cannot count. It goes something like –

  • “if only it would stop hurting I’d be just fine”
  • “I’m trying to let go of it”
  • it’s really getting me down”
  • “if I could just let it go I’d be ok”
  • “I’m just so sick of it….”

The “it” is usually a painful area within their body that keeps coming back and everything becomes about how to get rid of “it”. 

Yet it is part of us. Short of cutting their leg off or gouging a large hole in their low back or neck or head, not much can be done to get rid of it. 

So personally I believe that when we have a symptom there is usually a reason for it. Our body is trying to get out attention. It’s like when you put your hand on a hot surface by mistake, the pain makes you remove it very quickly to minimize the damage. What’s the difference from this to the pain we experience in any part of our body? It’s a message from our body saying “Pay attention, listen to me” or something similar.

So what’s my advice? 

Your choices are as follows:

  1. Take a pain killer to hide the pain
  2. Find someone to “take your pain away”
  3. Listen to your pain and develop strategies that allow your body to use the message and heal and change

If you want to do number 3, the two most effective approaches I know of are Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) and Network Spinal Analysis.

If you know how to do SRI, use Stage 1 or 2 to connect to the “it” and observe what changes in your body during and after the process.

If you want to find out more about these transformative approaches to health and wellbeing you have 3 choices:

  1. Call the office and book an Initial Consultation
  2. Check our Events page and attend an Intro Talk
  3. Book onto a Neuro-Activation Discover or Fundamentals class and learn how to do Somato-Respiratory Integration

We all have choices about how we deal with “it“. What are you going to do?

Rachael Talbot
Doctor of Chiropractic and Reorganizational Healing Professional