Day 5 – Peace

So how would life be different if you were more at peace? What would change when faced with overwhelming number of tasks? How would you be with your loved ones? What would change at work? Who else would benefit from this?

Embodying Peace

5 Day Review

Audio Transcript – Peace

So how was yesterday? How was it to focus on experiencing enthusiasm? What did you observe and what can you take forward into today?

Today we are going to focus on experiencing and embodying peace.

So decide where you are going to do this and whether you will stand, sit or walk.

As usual I want you pay attention to your body in response to the following questions. Notice which questions work for you, and which are more of a challenge? Maybe some of the questions that initially didn’t work for you are starting to give you new insights. Remember, this is about finding your magic recipe to embody your emotions more effectively, and more emotions will bring more energy and more energy will allow you to make different choices and take different actions.

Focus on a situation in your life when you felt peaceful. This may be something that has already happened or something that is going to happen you already know about. Focus on feeling peace in your body.

Observe what happens in your body when you do this.

Observe your breath pattern. Is it shallow, deep, fast or slow? Is it changing as you focus on peace?

Observe the energy in your body. Does it move up your body or down? Do you feel yourself contract or expand? Are you aware of energy at all? What changes as you focus on feeling and embodying peace? Do you have more or less energy?

If you find your mind wandering, observe it, acknowledge it and come back to peace.

Do you need to move to feel peace in your body? How do you need to move? Move and observe what happens. Is there a movement than increases your peacefulness? Try a few out.

How does focusing on peace affect your posture? Does changing your posture increase or decrease your experience of peace? Do you have a “peaceful” posture?

When you focus on peace, do you feel like you expand or contract?

What do you become aware of?

Do you experience peace as something that comes from deep inside of you and expands out? Or is it something that you feel coming into your body (not from someone or something else, just coming in)?

Look for opportunities to feel at peace through the day. Is there a situation where you feel some more peace would benefit? How would it be if you approached a meeting from a place of peace? How could you bring more peace to a situation or a person? Practice being at peace and observe what changes for you and others.

Have a great day and please share your experiences and questions on our facebook page.

Audio Transcript: 5 Day Review

So you’ve been working on embodying emotions now for 5 days. I thought there would be benefit is reviewing what you’ve learnt so far so that you can get even more out of the coming week.

I have a few questions for you to consider.

When you listen to or read the instructions what is the first thing you observe?

Can you connect to energy, movement and breath in relation to the emotion? If yes, what works best for you?

Does moving your body or changing your posture increase your ability to be present or do you need to be still? Again, what works best?

You may have found certain emotions easier to embody than others. Which ones worked the best for you, where was there a challenge?

Are there situations you can recall where you’ve been different. Either responded differently or acted differently? Are you more or less reactive?

Some people will be noticing a lot of changes, others less. If you’re in the latter group don’t stress about it. From our extensive experience things often change subconsciously before our conscious brain registers. Keep focussing on your body and experiencing the different emotions and things will be changing, it’s impossible for that not to happen.