Clear Day - Empowering your Growth and Transformation

People attending Clear Days achieve breakthroughs, insights and growths that would otherwise take months to achieve. These intimate gatherings are where even greater depth and possibilities of Network Care come to life.

-          An intensive day focused on you and promoting a faster pace in your healing process and personal growth.

Why should you attend a Clear Day?

-          To develop more effective strategies that you will use for the rest of your life

-          To experience community and the power of a group in synchronicity

-          To discover and develop your own personal resources so you can be, more creative, more productive, more energized...... more you

-          To open the door to new perspectives and possibilities.

 What happens on a Clear Day?

A clear day is an intensive day comprising 3 NSA entrainments, 4 Neuro-Activation sessions comprising multiple stages of SRI and coaching through-out. Lunch will be provided.

Investment £135 (includes lunch), children/chiropractic students £80