Get Better Faster

This is where we recommend everyone starts. You want to understand how your body heals and you want to know - is this the right place for me to do it in. 

Epidemic numbers of people are in pain, exhausted, sick or stressed out. Thousands rely on short-term fixes to help them cope, such as medication. People limit their activities and life inevitably closes down. They call this "normal".

For those who are ready, we are passionate about radically increasing their inborn capacity to heal and transform, so that they may lead extraordinary, fulfilling lives. 

We practice NSA which is an amazing tool to increase your health and wellbeing. Many people start care because of pain or chronic injuries. 

In this workshop we'll explain the science behind this amazing approach, whether you are receiving NSA or are wanting to support your partner through their healing journey. 

Topics will include: 

  • Discover how the body heals
  • Understand how posture affects your health
  • Learn how resolve back & neck pain
  • Improve sleep, boost energy
  • Transform your response to stress
  • Rather than getting your problem fixed, teach your body to heal itself much more efficiently
  • Find out how to use your pain and stress to improve your health

Also discussed will be how we measure health. Most people rely on symptoms but only 10% of nerve impulses (the nervous system coordinates health) are sensory and provide feedback. We have invested in Space Age Technology and will discuss and explain why during this workshop. 

In this workshop, Olaf Frank, Doctor of Chiropractor and Reorganisational Healing Expert will discuss the physiology of the body and explain why some people heal and others remain stuck in painful patterns. 

There is no charge, however spaces are limited so please call to reserve your space. 

01625 402053 or email