Level 2 Workshop

This workshop is for people who have experienced a bit of NSA and want more. You are may be early in Level 2 care or have had a lot of Level 2 care. It doesn't matter which. You know your body can heal and you want to understand what is possible and how to really accelerate and get the most from your care. 

Many questions come up for people at this stage and we hope to answer them and many more: 

  • What really goes on in your body during an NSA session as you advance through care? 
  • What can you do to get even more from each session? 
  • What can you expect as care progresses? 

How is this going to help heal my back pain or symptoms?

In this interactive workshop you will learn about the following: 

  • Increasing focus? 
  • Increasing your motivation towards your goals?
  • How to respond to life's challenges with greater creativity
  • What is really going on during your NSA sessions
  • How it feels to really stretch
  • How your spine can transform and what this means for your life
  • How emotions can affect your life (when expressed or repressed)
  • The importance of your mind in healing
  • How peace really feels
  • What the somato-psychic wave is and how to get the most from it
  • What else to focus on in different levels of care

You must have have 12 NSA sessions before attending. Talk to your chiropractor NOW. 

Ask questions, participate, learn more about how you can become empowered to heal and grow.


There is no charge for this workshop, this one is on us.