The Physical Causes of Stress

The Physical Causes of Stress

But my body is fine, my body is a temple, I don’t have any pain, so my body cannot be in a state of stress from physical causes. Yes? Or maybe no?

Because many stresses don’t show up in the body as obvious symptoms, high blood pressure being a great example.

So what stresses you out physically is impacted on by your age, your gender and your overall fitness.

General daily physical stressors include:

·       Sitting too much – our bodies are designed to moved

·       Insufficient exercise – most of us feel so much better after we exercise

·       Over exercising – yes you can do too much

·       Lack of sleep / rest

·       Too much or too little food

·       Lack of nutrition in diet

·       Smoking

·       Alcohol / caffeine

And the only way you can decide if these factors apply to you is look at your own life and ask yourself questions such as – Do I get enough sleep? Is my alcohol intake too high? Do I really need that extra cup of coffee?

Because physical stresses can show up as physical symptoms (in fact most stresses ultimately show up as physical symptoms) and looking after your body is one of the most important things you can ever do.

“Because you only have one body”

So run through the list and take one thing you could improve on now. Try it, and see if you can notice the difference. Because for most people they don’t change until they have a problem. Best to start looking after yourself today.

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