Happy Valentines Day - how do you know if you're loved?

So February is the month of love, and the media is full of valentines celebrations and the gifts you could and should give to each other.

But if Valentines Day is about love, I call you to go deeper and ask you a bigger question. How do you love yourself and if you were single today, what could you do to ensure that you feel loved yourself?

Because many of us are very good at loving others, and showing our love, and making other people feel loved and nurtured, but when you ask about self-love the question often falls on deaf ears.

So here are a few suggestions that I’ve come up with that may inspire you to love yourself just a big more…


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and failing that champagne… that’s the message around good and love, yes?  So I asked myself, if I really loved someone and they were a bit under the weather or in need of a pick me up ,what would I cook or feed them to help them feel truly nourished?

For myself I thought of breakfast, a meal I have always struggled with. So I looked at our well stocked fridge and I made myself avocado, tomato and pear slices, washed down with a green juice of cucumber, spinach, apple, lime and ginger. And then because I love my coffee, a freshly ground organic coffee. Not only does my body love that food, but I love it and I feel loved when I eat it.

So what would make you feel loved and nourished? The answer will be different every day I Believe, but a great question to ask before you chuck two slices of bread in the toaster and cover it in Nutella…..


Do I love myself enough to look after my physical body? Exercise is something that often gets pushed to the side, doesn’t get priority in our busy lives. Yet my body loves how it feels after a long walk, a tough game of hockey or even 30 minutes of yoga or pilates. I certainly feel better and sleep better when I’ve used my body.

So what works for you? How do you love your body and how do you care for your body?

There are so many topics around self-love, I could write an entire series on this. So I just ask you today, to ask yourself – when you truly listen to your body, what does your body need and how would your body know you love it?

Happy Valentines day…. xx