Can we fix you?

Can we fix you?

This is a conversation I have every few weeks in the office. It’s usually someone who has been in pain and has been struggling for a long time. They have usually tried many other practitioners before seeing us, all of whom have said “yes, I can fix you”.

Before I answer the question, I have a few questions for you?

When you catch a cold - who does the healing?

When you break your arm and the doctor puts a support on it – who does the healing?

When you pull a muscle in your leg during a tough game of hockey and have to rest for a few days – who does the healing?

Our bodies are incredible. The inborn wisdom we have is so complex and so incredible, despite all the advances in medical science, there is still so much we do not understand. And although we have a grasp of many of the processes that go on in the body, we still don’t fully understand why some people heal and others don’t.

So there is a growing group of professionals that believe that pain is a healthy response and your bodies way of saying - stop, pay attention, do something different.


Pain alerts us to a problem in the body. There is no one reading this who would keep their hand on the hot stove when they feel the pain…..

So how I see our job, as wellness chiropractors is not to fix you, but to help increase your inborn abilities to heal so that you can heal faster and more effectively to whatever is troubling you. You can learn to listen to the signals coming from your body and learn from them. So not only do you heal, but you don’t re-injure in the same way over and over again. Or put another way, help you to change your response to the challenges of modern life so that you don’t constantly hurt or struggle to get out of bed.

So can we fix you? No. Only you can do that. The question is who will you trust to walk with you on that journey and guide you to a healthier, richer life?