How to get your kids to eat more greens.... the easy way!

10 fun ways to increase ‘2 and 5’ foods

* Serve raw veggies as a snack while dinner is cooking, when everyone is most hungry. Sticks of carrots, celery, cucumber, capsicum, raw beans, snow peas or peas are easy to nibble on. Serve with delicious and healthy dips such as hummus, mashed avocado or nut spreads.

* Serve vegetables raw, cut into interesting, easy to handle shapes: use the peeler to make carrot, cucumber and apple shavings, cut into the sides of carrots, cukes and fruits to make flowers or shapes when sliced

* A whole piece of fruit can be too much to handle. Cut it into bite sizes or invest in a slinky-cutter. String it onto tooth picks, skewers or even a string

* Have fruit and veg already cut up in a container in the fridge ready to feast on, and in a small take-away container or sealed bag to put in the school or sports bag.

* Enjoy the art of creating a lovely meal together as a family. Let your children help choose which veggies they would prefer today, and let them help prepare the food – under appropriate supervision: cutting, washing, peeling and cooking.

* Make collages and creatures of the fruit and vegetables, dress the plate as a smiley face, use tooth picks and skewers to make a person or ananimal

* Have fun together growing veggies in your garden or in pots, tomatoes, peas, carrots, snow peas, beans, lettuce, beetroot. Yum. Nothing taste as good as freshly picked, home-grown veggies

* Make soups - Veggies taste delicious in a broth or blend it nice and smooth

* Make juice. You can ‘hide’ a carrot, celery, beetroot, spinach, kale etc. in the apple and orange juice.

* Puree courgette, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin and put it in everything you make: bolognaise, meat patties, mashed potatoes, muffins and cakes