The Four Sacred Seasons of Wellbeing

In the UK, we are blessed with four seasons that are all very distinct and unique. We await spring with great anticipation as the days get longer and the ground begins to show signs of growth again. Soon we see shoots sprout and take root as spring moves into summer. Then we enjoy the summer months as plants and crops flourish with the warmth and sunlight. But alas, summer winds down, the days begin to shorten and the temperature starts dropping. Autumn comes and it is time for harvest. Farmers harvest crops and we put to rest our flower beds in preparation for winter. This is the cycle we live in. We can grow with it or fight it to no avail.

In our lives, our growth and healing takes place in a similar way. Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal analysis (NSA) placed a person’s growth and healing into four sacred seasons as an analogy to the cycle, timing and appropriateness of action in the actual seasons. If a person is acting in a way that is out of sync with the timing and rhythm of the season the results are as effective as planting seeds in the winter. When we respect the season we are in and observe the states of being associated with it and take the actions appropriate for the season, the season yields its gifts and we are ready to progress into the next sacred season.

In recent years we have learnt to respect the seasons, especially the winter floods of recent years and have learnt respect for the seasons because we all know that winter is coming again and that we must take full advantage of the time that is not winter! We cannot do anything about the seasons here except learn from them, grow through them and become more masterful at living our best within them. When winter comes again and we have time on our hands, we just integrate what we have learned, make the best of it and if we are smart, apply what we have learned to have an even more fruitful spring, summer and autumn next year.

In a similar way, we must observe the seasons of our growth and healing, learn from them and apply the lessons in our lives. The sacred seasons will always move through their cycle and we must live accordingly.

According to Dr. Epstein, the Four Sacred Seasons are Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate.

Discover is the Season in which we break into our bodies after being asleep for a while, perhaps even a long while. We get in there to see how the grounds are and if they are supportive of growth. We want to see if they need to be tilled to break up the tension. Is there any energy there that would support growth or is some fertilizer needed? If the grounds are dry and rocky, we want to know how they got that way so we can figure out how to make them sustain growth before we even try to plant.

Transform is the season in which we decide that we want change and we plant that seed because now we know our bodies can support the growth.

It is a time to ask for and expect more. It is a time to stretch our limits because they can stretch without breaking. It is a time for decisive, purposeful action towards a desired goal. During transform we tend to our crop to support its growth. We don’t know exactly what the yield will be but we know it will be good because we are taking care of it. We get ready for a really big harvest and we weed out anything that does not support this goal.

Then comes the Season of Awaken, where we reap the rewards of what we sowed with ease and grace. Once we have harvested, the field is empty. Not because of a problem but because that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be and we feel connected. We are grateful for the abundance that our efforts have provided us and we realize that we have the power to create incredible things when we focus our energy because we are energy. And we realize that things grow because they are part of us and we are part of them. When we are connected to everything and everything responds to us.

As we move into the Season of Integrate, we look back at the other seasons and at our lives and observe how we can act in another season with more depth to give us a better yield or more fulfilment. We observe the strategies we had used in the seasons and we see if we can use our wisdom to get exactly what we need out of the season as we visit it again.

The Sacred Seasons are very important in NSA care and we will explore them in more depth. This introduction will allow us to pull several concepts covered in past articles together. Stay tuned as we integrate the energetic intelligences of the organizational fields, the sacred seasons and the triad of change. This will powerfully affect your care here and its application to the direction of your life.

Original article Paul Newton, DC - based on the work of Donald Epstein