What are you going to Create in 2016?

After a conversation with a friend, I realized that I am done with New Years Resolutions. I make them yearly and rarely follow through, mainly because they are usually what I "should" do, not what really lights me up. So I came up with a different question:

What are you going to create in 2016?

What is 2016 going to be all about? I saw a quote a few weeks ago that really got me thinking. It said you need 3 things to feel fulfilled – something that you are passion about, something that makes a difference in the world and something creative. The first two were easy for me, but the third made me really think. So 2016 is going to be all about CREATIVITY and allowing myself to more fully and more freely express my unique creativity that is waiting to flow and express. I invite you to join me in this creative expansion!

Our culture, including our families, our religions, our rules and regulations regarding what is acceptable, our socially conditioned stories about what is good, what is "successful", and what is worthwhile, all can put a damper on the creative force that flows through us. Many of us compromise professionally and do the job we “should” do. In our free time we are often so tired and beaten down that we don’t find time to express our creative nature. We use excuses such as “I’m not a creative type” or “Creative people are all arty and never make a difference” or they use their creative impulse to make an excuse….

DO NOT PUT OFF WHAT YOUR SOUL IS CALLING YOU TO CREATE, even if it doesn't make sense to your logical mind. Start now. 2016 is the year!
What vision, dream, calling, has been visiting you throughout your life? What have you have always wanted to create or explore?

A great place to start is to focus on your energy levels. Become aware of how much energy you have and where is flows in your body. Notice if you are Energy Neutral. Energy Neutrality always leads to abandoning the creative force for "managing strategies" and excuses.

Do you want to continue to manage your life at the level you've been living or make the quantum leap to an ENERGY RICH life, where excuses become irrelevant?

Ever notice how the person who wins the race never has a story or an excuse? It's not because they are the "winner", it's because they are the most energy rich person on the field - and energy richness has no excuses or stories!!! It is the pure creative expression...

What do you want to create in 2016?!!!!