Why you want a curve in your low back? - Latest from the ARHP

A 2015 study published in Evolution and Human Behavior looks at the relationship between the angle of the female lumbar curvature and reported attractiveness from males.  This research was conducted at the University of Texas at Austin and was seeking to add to the discussion on what makes a mate physically attractive.

The researchers recognized the obvious link between attractiveness and mate selection.  This process drives what traits and characteristics become expressed in genetic line as well as traits that may be selectively bred out.  So what is attractive about a spine?

It was supposed that our ancestors found a woman most attractive when her lumbar lordosis was ideal to successfully carry children.  The way the additional weight is carried in pregnancy has a direct effect on the woman’s ability to maintain her ability to forage during pregnancy.  Therefore, a woman who could keep up with her ability to forage and feed herself and her family would cause less strain on the family unit and be more likely to survive.  Consequently, these genes would be selectively advanced versus a woman who had chronic low back pain during pregnancy and was unable to continue daily tasks.

Interestingly the researchers hypothesized the most attractive lordosis angle from medical literature.  They researched what the optimal angle was for a female to avoid pain or loss of function over her lifetime including during pregnancy.  They found that this angle (from L3 to the last lumbar vertebra) was near 45◦.  This angle optimizes the fetal load to be carried over the hips.  The research states “If this COM (center of mass) were not moved back over the hips, ancestral women would have been subjected to a nearly 800% increase in hip torque during pregnancy.”  That is certainly not ideal to maintain bio-mechanical and structural health and function.

This paper is actually comprised of two separate studies.  The first study raised a significant question which was answered in the second.  The first study looked at the lumber curve angle based on the vertebral wedging.  Side profile images of a woman were shown with lumbar angles from 26◦to 61◦.  The images were of the same woman and the angle had been digitally modified. The results found that, as predicted, a woman with a lumbar curve around 45% was considered the most attractive.

What the first study didn't answer was this.  Is the ideal angle a function of the vertebral wedging, therefore the actual angle of the spine itself, or is it due to mass of the buttocks?  The second study added variables to account for this.  The results showed that the vertebral wedging producing a spinal curve was the most important factor regardless of buttock mass or waist to hip ratio. 

Despite all of our modern sophistication and rational thought on some level the ancestral drive to propagate our genes is still a fundamental component of mate selection. 

When we add in a Reorganizational perspective the picture becomes more robust.  What is the mode of attraction?  Where does it occur?  Well certainly there are the hormonal components that are expressions of the Emotional Energetic Intelligence but how is attractiveness felt between two people?  This occurs in the field between them.  The field is the medium on which the Bio-energetic Intelligence transmits and receives the impetus to choose a mate.

Dr. Donald Epstein, developer of Reorganizational Healing has often stated that feminine energy has a more accentuated lumbar curve than the masculine.  Oftentimes a woman who has become masculinized has straightened her curve.  She, in turn, will often lose her feminine softness and allure.  He has often shown in live demonstrations how clear of a shift it creates in her own self-perception and the perception of those in her field when that lumbar curve is reintroduced. 

Attractiveness is more than just makeup, clothes and good genes.  There is a fundamental, instinctual drive in who we are attracted to that is designed to propagate our genes and the species as a whole.  The pre-rational Bio-energetic and Emotional Energetic Intelligences will sense this ideal mate.  Without thinking, without even looking these intelligences know when a mate is nearby.  In our modern age we temper that with the mental intelligences and some of us will even trust in the Soul and Universal Spirit Energetic Intelligences to wash over us both and bind the connection with love, bliss and gratitude.

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