How about more passion?

Given the choice between living passionately or mediocrely, which sounds more appealing to you? If you chose the latter, you can stop reading here unless you feel like giving me a chance to convince you otherwise. The truth is that you do have a choice and what’s sad is that many people do choose to live mediocrely. I would like to make a case for choosing to live passionately.

Passion is a wonderful emotion that fills you with motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. When you live with this emotion driving you, it is like fuel that powers everything you do. You feel bold, strong and alive. Passion also makes everything more enjoyable, whether it is something that you like to do or something that is less than inspiring. When we are passionate we can find joy in doing even the most menial task.

If you think about the difference in energy between being passionate versus being mediocre, hands down, a passionate person has way more energy. To be mediocre, you must not allow yourself to get too energized. Think about it. How many people tell you that they are “not bad” or just “good” when you ask them how they are? These people go about each day with a mild to moderate level of enthusiasm, expecting that it will not be terribly different from yesterday. Not a whole lot of energy there. On the other hand, a passionate person will tell you that he or she is “great” and they’ll probably be happy to tell you what is going well or what’s really exciting in their life. Passionate people expect something new and different in every day and focus their energy on finding inspiration. They are very energetic and it tends to rub off on others.

Being passionate takes some energy, but the reward is that it also gives you more energy. Passion is like a power source for your desires. Anything that you want, when you combine it with passion, will start to show up in your life. If you want to create something, whether it is a dream, a project or a wonderful relationship, passion makes you attractive to the things you need to make it happen. When you focus the energy of passion, it makes things come to life. Most people tend to rationalize things… they think of reasons why it is not possible to have what they want and why they need to accept things as they are. This kind of thinking can really kill the feeling of passion. If you want to be passionate, you must get out of your head and let your heart make you want things that you can’t necessarily fathom with your current thinking.

Your mind will want to tell you that living passionately can get you in trouble. It wants you to believe that you may be tempted to do something rash or you’ll get your hopes up only to have them dashed. But listening to such thoughts gets us into the trap of living the status quo and keeping things that way so we don’t waste our energy. Boring! Passion is the antidote. No one really enjoys being mediocre. It’s just easier than the idea of doing something different. Having a taste of passion in your life is like trying a delicious dish that you never had before. You did not know that you loved it and now you want it again.

Decide to live passionately and you will see that every day will be filled with energy that drives your dreams and goals forward and magnetizes what you need to fulfill your desires to you. Remember. You do have a choice between being passionate and mediocre. Choose to stand out and be passionate!

Based on an original article by Paul Newton DC