Resolution - Stage 7

Stage 7 is the last stage of healing in the Season of Transform. In our process of striving for our goals and proving our self worth, we go through the healing of alienated parts of our self. In Stage 5, we merged with the illusion produced by a limiting belief we had held regarding who we could be. In Stage 6, we recognized that the person we currently were not yet whole enough to truly embrace our true nature and that some preparation was necessary. We wanted it so badly that we were ready to do whatever it takes. Now, in Stage 7, it’s time to be our true self and dump, once and for all, everything that does not support being this true self.

The recognition phase involves a movement into the discharge process. It’s just like when you’re about to puke, or it could be the nerve-racking feeling you have as you’re about to say what you really feel. Pressure starts to mount and the discomfort builds. We know that it is starting and we know there is never a right or good time for things like this to happen. It’s going to be messy and we are hoping it will be over quickly. We feel out of control.

This sensation may remind us of uncomfortable feelings we had experienced at a previous stage. We may decide to stop the process before it escalates to discharge, since in earlier stages it was seen as pathological. If so, we have not fully connected to the rhythm yet and we will likely fall back into an earlier stage where we have more work to do.

However, if we allow the process to progress and intensify, we move into the communication phase when the rhythm takes over our body and physiology. There is only the rhythm and we are absorbed in it. Basically, it’s a barf fest. Or on a less disgusting note, someone may do or say something that is a shift to his or her more authentic nature, accompanied with laughter, movement or crying. While there is no conscious thought during this phase, we may observe ourselves in flashes. There is no turning back at this point and the rhythm seems to draw energy and information from other parts of you.

The completion phase, without a doubt, comes with a sense of relief. There is a peace and a sense of satisfaction. The dissonant rhythm has been eliminated from the body and what’s left is harmonizing. The sounds of our crying or laughter seem to resonate throughout the whole of us as though they are tuning us to a stable and harmonious note.

Original article Paul Newton, based on the work of Donald Epstein

Rachael Talbot & Olaf Frank
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