Why would you want your Nervous System to work Better?

Neuro-Activation Exercises - why do them? 

Why do these exercises at all? Most people don't like doing exercises and rarely do them unless they're in so much pain they have no choice? 

So why would you want to do an exercise that is about activating your nervous system? And what do we mean by that? 

Your Nervous System co-ordinates every function in your body. From your posture, all your muscles and joints, to all the organs in your body. All are dependent on a good, healthy nervous system. And more than that - every thought and feeling you have is processed and regulated by your nervous system. 

So it's pretty important? 

Our Neuro-Activation workshops use the tools developed by Donald Epstein in the 12 Stages of Healing. He recognized that there are 12 different states we can be in that impact our ability to heal and grow. Using focussed attention, breath and movement you can become aware of so much in your body and learn how to harness your internal resources. These can be done by anyone, young, old, mobile, in pain, terminally ill or in good health. Everyone can become more resourceful. 

 "Everyone can become more resourceful"

Put simply - most of us can relate to the fact that if we droop our shoulders and slouch we are less likely to feel positive and more likely to give up and not do much. So there is a relationship between the structure (or posture) of our body, how we move and take action and what we think. 

In the 12 exercise we teach, you will get tools for recognizing what stage is appropriate for you each moment and how to do each exercise effectively.

More importantly you will be able to experience the benefits of these simple exercises which include: 

  • more energy
  • more presence
  • less mind chatter
  • pain relief
  • self-empowerment/control over your own healing
  • ability to fully experience what is going on in your body in the moment
  • more choice about how you are

People use these exercises in many different ways. 

For some, it's all about healing from the pain. For others they are tools to help them grow and develop physically, emotionally and for some even spiritually. But whatever your reasons, these workshops are designed to massively increase your ability to heal, change and grow.

We currently offer three key workshops: 

Neuro Activation Discover:  Stages 1, 2 and 3
Neuro-Activation Transform: Stages 4,5,6 and 7
Neuro-Activation Awaken: Stages 8, 9 10, 11 and 12

We combine these powerful exercises with NSA Chiropractic to get the full benefits of what is possible. How much you participate is always your choice......