Why Summer is the Best Time to Improve your Health

“Make hay whilst the sun shines” 

I had a conversation with a patient today. She reckoned that as the weather was better, she was more relaxed, that maybe it was a good time to have less chiropractic care until the winter kicked back in as she perceived less of a need. In one way I can see her point of view, but in another I strongly disagree.

Shall I explain why?

With each contact of Network Spinal Analysis your brain observes your body. The first thing that happens is breath moves through the spine helping to release any built up tension. With the tension releasing, now is when the fun starts because your brain now has the opportunity to create new strategies, to grow and develop.

It’s similar to when you have to study something at school and you have loads of time to do it. It’s easy and you learn with little effort and still have time to go to the beach. However when you’re stressed out, simple problems become enormous and take far more time to overcome than when you’re in a good state.

So in answer to my patient. Yes, if you want to slow down growth or maybe consolidate you could take a break but how about a different proposal? Stay at your current frequency of care and grow faster or as a radical proposal you could come in more often and really accelerate your health.

It’s all about choice.

So my advice is as a minimum maintain your current schedule of care. If you can’t increase your care in the summer other really important things to support your health include:

·         Drink plenty of water, many of us get dehydrated in the summer months

·         Eat plenty of local seasonal fruit and vegetables, organic if you  can

·         Get out in the fresh air as much as you can and exercise

·         Take time out for yourself. Relax. Enjoy your own company

·         Get your regular entrainments and if you have to miss them, make them up after your holiday

Use the summer months to optimize your health so as days shorten and we return to the darker, colder days you have built up strength and resilience in your body. We no longer suffer the food shortages of early man but we still have the weather and lack of light to contend with. So going into the winter strong is the best protection against it.