Finding “Stuck” in Your Body – Stage 3

Finding “Stuck” in Your Body – Stage 3

There are three parts to Stage 3. These are: recognition, communication and completion.

Recognition: At the beginning of Stage 3, we realize that we have been, and continue to be, stuck in one particular perspective or way of observing a situation that keeps us behaving in the same undesirable pattern. We know that we are doing something that creates this situation, but we have no idea what exactly it is that we are doing, or why. This stuck pattern in our behaviours, thoughts and emotions is anchored to a part of our body which is also restricted or stuck, since the body and mind are one.

To move through Stage 3, we need to recognize and find where this anchor is located. In the Stage 3 SRI exercise; we use our hands, palm over palm, to scan the midline of our body for areas that are stuck. We slowly move our hands down, inch by inch, from the top of the sternum to the bottom of the abdomen. We gently press our hands into our body with enough depth that we can pull and traction the skin from one side to the other. We are looking for a place where the tissue feels stuck or restricted in some way. We breathe gently in the nose and out the mouth since this type of breath is non-threatening and un-charged.

A stuck area will have a certain feeling to it. You may feel kind of repulsed by it, like it’s yucky. It could feel sticky, so you’re having a hard time moving through it. You might also be inclined to just jump right over it because you have the sense that you don’t want to go there. It can even hurt, be uncomfortable or make you want to cough.

As we move down the midline, we may find a number of stuck or tense areas, each with its own unique associated feeling. This is normal since there are always a number of incidents in people’s lives where they felt it was not okay to be themselves and that they must silence the little child within. Each stuck area can be related to a different pattern of stuck behaviour that inhibits a person from moving forward.

The place(s) that we find is/are the result of conditioning between the emotions and the thinking mind. Basically we know better and we know we don’t want to behave this way, but our emotions continually hook us. By habitually armouring this stuck area with tension, we have kept our wounded inner child safe and protected. But it has also prevented us from being ourselves and from allowing us to heal and grow. So there may be a sense of agitation, uneasiness, defensiveness or frustration as you touch this area.

Communication: Once we have found the stuck area, we can acknowledge it, explore it, interact and communicate with it. In order to stay in Stage 3, it’s important to note that we are not trying to change or fix it, only to experience it and receive what it has to share. To do this, we pull the skin in the direction that feels restricted and we start to twist the tissue, first clockwise and then counter-clockwise. We are seeking the direction of twist that makes us feel the most stuck. When we have it, we amplify the twist even more, and as we torque the position, we acknowledge our stuck-ness by saying out loud, “I’m so stuck!”

The area can communicate back to us when we make the sound of the energy locked up within it. This will be a sound of not moving forward—of knowing better and of not being yourself, but rather being what others tell you to be. It’s crazy really. Imagine telling yourself, “This time I’m going to do the right thing. I’m not going to do what I always do. It’s going to be different!”, and then you do exactly what you’ve always done. What sound comes out of you? A guttural groan? A frustrated growl? A fearful moan? An angry howl? A resentful snarl? A woeful whine? An obnoxious fusion of any or all…? Whatever best expresses your stuck energy, is the deep inarticulate reverberating sound you want to make.


Completion: So far, we have recognized our involvement in this process of becoming stuck, and we have not reverted to Stage 2 by trying to fix it. We have come up against the wall—the restriction in our body and the point in our lives from which we can’t seem to move any further. We know that just beyond it, there is compressed life energy and that innocent child who we once were. We have started to move the restricted area, and the energy we once held confined has begun to flow.

To complete Stage 3, we simply apologize out loud to the innocent child, with compassion and sincerity, just as we would to any child that we have hurt or ignored. Recognized, appeased and loved, he or she simply laughs and runs off to play.

As adults, we still don’t know what to do. We know that we are really good at being stuck. We are feeling the emotions, experiencing and building our frustration, and seeing our involvement in our stuck-ness. Most importantly, to complete and move beyond Stage 3, we are okay with the sensation and rhythm of feeling stuck, and we are peacefully waiting for something new.

Original article Paul Newton, based on the work of Donald Epstein

Rachael Talbot & Olaf Frank
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