Getting Ready to be More - Stage 6

Have you ever felt like you had grown and something big had shifted within you, but you weren’t exactly sure what it was? This shift just had you looking at your life and gave you the feeling that there was more to come. You knew that changes were necessary but you were not sure where to start. What you did know was that things were going to change, something better was coming and you were going to be ready for it.

In Stage 5—Merging with the Illusion, we used our courage to face the part of our self that had been alienated, traumatized or denied. Our desire to be more whole overcame our desire to hide away the parts of us that we could not face. The illusion was the sense of and belief in a “self” we had built through avoidance. Once we face and merge with the shadow (or the light) side of ourselves, a whole lot of energy and consciousness that was supporting the illusion gets exposed.

In Stage 6—Preparation for Resolution—we are dealing with the change that must take place if we are truly to become whole. This newly exposed energy must either be discharged and gotten rid of or be resolved in some way. We don’t know what will happen to it, but we can feel the need for change building inside us. We also intuitively know that our bodymind needs some preparation for this to happen effectively.

It’s like you know that there is a “new you” coming that has different and more supportive habits and behaviours from the “old you”. There is a greater life waiting for the “new you” and you have some work to do if you want to be able to achieve and sustain it. There are also a lot of beliefs, habits and behaviours from the “old you” that will not be able to exist once you change. All this is too much for you to understand at the moment, but you cannot sit around and see what happens. You must do something. Anything. You are going to be ready for whatever is coming.

At this point in the game, if you let the rhythm take you, there is no turning back. The momentum is moving forward to resolution. There is no stopping it, so the only thing to do is be ready for it. Your acceptance that this is happening begins to make you aware of all the right things that have been put in your path. While we may hear people say that, “Everything happens for a reason and everything will be provided,” we still don’t quite believe it. It just seems serendipitous that the right thing keeps happening or appearing at the right time. And we act on it to our gain.

We know that our bodymind needs more flexibility and knowledge to be ready for this change, so we seek it out. We often begin activities, practices and diets to prepare our bodies. We begin learning and developing the skills necessary for this new level of being. All the while, it is becoming more and more obvious that some things are going to have to go. The tension mounts and the pressure builds.

While this stage may lead to Stage 7—Resolution— the importance of Stage 6 is in the changes and re-organization that happens in the bodymind in order to support a new level of energy and consciousness. We have the structure of the “old me” shifting to support the “new me” and a growing need for all the energy that supported the illusion of our former self to go somewhere. And all we are concerned about in this stage is getting ready to do whatever it takes to be “more me”!

Original article Paul Newton, based on the work of Donald Epstein

Rachael Talbot & Olaf Frank
Re-organisational Healing, Wellness & Chiropractic in Wilmslow, UK