E-states In The Intelligences - latest from the ARHP

As you start to overlay certain lenses of Reorganizational Healing you create a robust vision of what is occurring in the life of your practice members.  One way in which to do this is to recognize which E-states are at play in each of the Energetic Intelligences.  It would be easy to say that this person is in pain or their life is messed up so they are energy poor.  The truth is a little more subtle than that.  They may be energy neutral or rich in some of the intelligences but the one intelligence that is energy poor is speaking so loudly that it is heard over all the others.

Being able to identify which intelligence is speaking is critical.  When doing this it likely easiest to find which intelligence is energy poor.  It will probably be the reason they are seeking help and it is the intelligence that they will talk about.

Because it is energy poor this intelligence will be constantly breaking down, not able to experience stability or sustain change or safety.  They may have a sense that they are deficient, broken or less than in this part of their life.  Restorative practitioners will often address a patient at this intelligence seeking to give it more energy so that it can “get better” or “heal”.  This defines Restorative Therapeutics.  The issue is that no amount of energy alone will create sustainability until the intelligence is addressed.  Perhaps the patient or practice member is in the incorrect Orientation, using their Triad of Pain or living out of the Season they must be in.  If this is the case then investing energy here will be like “throwing good energy after bad”, you can never sustainably fill a leaky bucket.

Finding the energy neutral intelligences can sometimes be tricky.  They may seem they are hiding in plain sight.  There will be nothing inherently special or terrible about them.  You may ask “do you believe this pain is serving a purpose”  invoking the Upper Mental and Soul Energetic Intelligences and the person easily answers “yes I can see it probably is” but in the meanwhile every time the pain reoccurs they devolve into thinking its always been there and will never go away.  In this case the Upper Mental and Soul may be energy neutral and the Bio-Energetic Intelligence is Energy Poor. 

There might be a natural tendency to think “why not go to the Soul Intelligence, it’s got much more energetic bandwidth than the Bio-energetic Intelligence”.  In the example from the last paragraph this strategy may work for the moment, for a short period of time the soul will fuel the Bio-energetic Intelligence, but if there is not an abundance of energy in the soul then it will not be able to do so sustainably.

Finding the energy richness in the system is going to be key for this person.  It is also important to remember that if they are operating in the incorrect Orientation for them and / or if they are using their triad of pain it may be difficult to find that energy richness.

Teaching them to use the correct orientation will create the largest shift towards energy richness.  At that point there may be enough available energy to boost one or some of the Intelligences from Energy Neutral to Energy Rich.  Adding in the appropriate triad will further energize the Intelligences.  When this is occurring then there will be enough available energy to try the aforementioned strategy of fueling the Energy Poor Intelligence with the Energy Rich Intelligence using the Season of Integrate. 

These changes in and of themselves with make the previously energy poor intelligence much more pliable and even lift it to energy neutral, which is a massive and welcome shift for most people.  It will transition them pain to relief and relief after pain is so sweet. 

In the example of a person with physical pain, in energy neutral there will be enough energy to examine the gap of how they are being now versus how they were being before.  If they stay in their orientation and focus on using their prime it is likely that their system will be able to maintain itself in this new level of reorganization.  Its when someone unconsciously goes back to their habitual way of being that entropy sets in and energy neutral will have the tendency to slide back to energy poor. 

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