How Would Your Life Look if you Expressed more "Delight"?

Why start with this? I asked myself the same question, yet each time I asked the word just got stronger and stronger and no logical answer appeared so here goes…..

How would your life be if you expressed more delight? How would you have responded to your unwanted Christmas presents differently? How would your Mum have felt when you opened her fabulous Christmas present and expressed delight, rather than your half-hearted “thanks Mum”. What could expression of this emotions do for you? For those around you?

What is your Magic Recipe for Delight?

How does it feel to express delight?

What happens in your body? Remember a moment in the past when you felt delight? Invent a moment in the future when you are going to feel and express delight?

What has to happen in your posture to express delight? Do you expand or do you go inside?How do you look when you express delight?

Does energy move up your body or down your body? Does it move out from you or into you? Where do you feel delight – is it an internal experience or is it all around you?

What is your facial expression when you express delight? How does your body move? How do you see yourself moving? How much energy do you have when this emotion is expressing?

What works best to fully enable you to express delight? I challenge you to find out.

How often do you feel delight currently?

Have a delightful week and looking forward to hearing your experiences.