How Would Your Life be Enhanced if you Expressed More Courage?

How would life be different if you expressed more Courage?

How would your life be if you expressed more courage? How would you have responded to your boss when she wouldn’t let you take an opportunity you felt ready for? How would you have answered the difficult relative who keeps taking advantage of your good nature? What would have been different at that party when you just couldn’t find the courage to talk to that really cute guy? What part of your life is calling you to be more courageous now?

What could expression of this emotions do for you? For those around you?

What is your Magic Recipe for Courage?

How does it feel to express courage?

What happens in your body? Remember a moment in the past when you felt courage? Invent a moment in the future when you are going to feel and express courage? What is it like?

What has to happen in your posture to express courage? How do you look when you express courage? Do you open up and expand or do you go internal and reflect first? What posture supports you expressing and living courage?

Does energy move up your body or down your body? Does it move out from you or into you? Where do you feel courage – is it an internal experience or is it all around you?

What is your facial expression when you express courage? How does your body move? How do you see yourself moving? How much energy do you have when this emotion is expressing?

How often do you feel courage currently?

Have a courage filled week and looking forward to hearing your experiences.