The Season of Discover - What's wrong with me?

The Season of Discover is our default starting point in the Four Seasons of Well-Being. It is the place where we figure out the way we make ourselves the way we are. When we start Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care it is critical to spend some time in Discover to learn the strategies that we will apply later in Transform, Awaken and Integrate. The reason is two fold:

If something is not working for us, we want to know what we are doing consistently that produces the result that we don’t like. It could pertain to our health, relationships, work, recreation or anything.

If something is working really well for us, we want to make sure we know exactly how we are successful at that, so we can apply the success strategy to other places in our lives.

The Season of Discover is the only place where problems exist. In Transform and Awaken, the same situations are viewed in a different light. In Discover, the situation or circumstance is seen as something that affects us or impacts us in a negative way. It could be:

A pain or illness that prevents us from enjoying certain activities

A financial situation that limits us from doing what we would like to do

A relationship issue that makes life difficult

Regardless of the situation or circumstance, it is viewed as something external to us that we’d be better off without. When we are in Discover, the solution is to get rid of it or to get something we don’t have that will take care of it. We want to do something to the situation or circumstance so that we can carry on living without the pain and limitations it causes us.

In Discover, we want to explore our bodies to find out how we use the body to protect ourselves from the things we do not like. We want to learn how we use our posture, tension, energy, movement and breath to keep from feeling the emotions we do not like that are brought on by the situations or circumstances described above.

When we can really experience the situation or circumstance, and the emotions associated with it fully, without controlling the experience in our bodies, it no longer has the same hold on us. We can begin to see ourselves in the situation or circumstance and see what we could change in ourselves to create a more desirable situation.

Discover is a great place to spend some time learning so that we can get into Transform and do something with our newly acquired knowledge. We want to be in Discover when there is important information to learn but we do not want to stay there indefinitely. We spend time here to develop some tools that will help us live effectively in all the seasons.

Level 1 of NSA supports the season of Discover. Stages 1, 2 and 3 from the 12 Stages of Healing correspond to our conscious states and describe in more detail how we may respond when we are in Discover.

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Original article by Paul Newton, DC, based on the work and studies of Donald Epstein, DC