Season of Transform - Taking Action

Moving into the Season of Transform is dependent on being complete with the Season of Discover. Unlike the flow of nature’s seasons, moving through the Seasons of Well-Being is not time dependent. We can stay in one Season of Well-Being indefinitely if we do not gain its lessons and apply them.

In Discover, we had a problem, i.e. a situation or circumstance that caused us pain. It was something separate from ourselves that we needed to get rid of. As we learned more about the problem and what we did in our bodies to control the experience of it, it became more acceptable to experience the situation or circumstance for what it really was, without any context or story.

Towards the end of the Season of Discover we must start to see our role in the pain we are experiencing. We still may not want to take responsibility for it, but we can see that we play a part in our continued experience of it. We just don’t know what to do about it and we are frustrated.

That frustration and the stuck energy, when liberated, can propel us into a place of decision. We decide that we’ve had enough of this. We’re not going to take it anymore. We decide that we are going to take charge and change things. We know what we don’t want and are compelled to move away from it, and we have decided what we do want and are setting a new standard. This is our transition into the Season of Transform.

The Season of Transform is a fun and exciting season to live in. Things happen and changes take place. People living in Transform take action to get out of situations they do not like and create the right circumstances for a goal they are moving towards.

Transform is the season where we apply what we learned in Discover to make a change. In Discover, we figured out our starting point. We took an inventory to see what we were dealing with. We looked at the problem and found our role in it. In Transform, we fully associate with the pain we have caused to ourselves and others by living that way. The problem becomes our challenge and our ally because it motivates us to take action. Problems no longer exist — only challenges that help us get stronger and more focused on our results.

In Transform, we invite challenges because we want to know where there are holes in our plan. Challenges are our opportunity to take new actions and find out what really works. We want to see our fears so we can associate with them, move through them, and see what’s on the other side.

As we fully engage in Transform, we become unstoppable. We are willing to do whatever it takes to reach our goal. We may not know the path to reach it but we set out anyway. Learning takes place while action is taken. Not taking action is the wrong action. If we get off course we learn and adjust. We might not know where exactly we’re headed, but we know that we will know when we get there. We’re ready for whatever comes!

Original article Paul Newton, based on the work and development of Donald Epstein, DC.