Season of Awaken - What's Life all About?

Moving into the Season of Awaken is not really something that we consciously do. We take action towards something for a particular reason as a strategy in the Season of Transform. In Awaken, we are focused on sharing our gifts because that is why we are here. Doing so fills our being with joy, love, and gratitude as we accept all things for what they are and experience wounds from the past as gifts.

As we are moving through Transform, we become really good at actions that shape our lives and create what we want. In moving away from what we don’t want and towards what we do want, we begin to sort ourselves out. We see how much of our energy was used to control our emotions, support our beliefs, and maintain a sense of “who we are.”

Our actions begin to change form as we move through Transform. At first, we are taking new actions that move us out of our comfort zone and bring on new feelings that we would not allow in Discover. As we broaden our emotional range, we begin to question our beliefs and rules and take actions that would never have been acceptable within our previous belief system. Our beliefs change and we start asking who decided we should live this way anyway. We wonder who decided we should be the person we are. We want to choose our own way of living and our own destiny.

We get so good at taking action for ourselves that our actions begin to include more and more people. We include more and more people into what we consider our circle until it grows to include all of humanity.

The importance of our true self becomes insignificant when compared with what we must bring to the world. We become obsessed with connecting with others and supporting another soul just because. We realize that the right things happen just at the right time, and people come and go in our lives with perfect timing. We start to notice the energy in everything, living and non-living, and between everything and everyone. We experience our own energy and feel called, even guided, by energy.

Everything loses its solidity, including ourselves, and we see that there is light behind our form. Our bodies are the illusion and we know that we are the light.

Our actions stop having a reason; if anything, the reason is simply because we have gifts to give. Whatever it was that we thought we needed or lacked becomes what we must give. In doing so, we end up with an abundance of that in our lives. If we felt that we did not have enough love, we find that through giving love that we get love. If we were not respected, giving of respect to others is the gift we must share. If we felt rejected, our gift to the world is acceptance.

We become obsessive gift givers and we see that everything we ever had was a gift. We look back at the past and see the gift in every wound or hardship we ever experienced or caused. We realize that everyone and everything that came through our lives did so to show us what gifts we had to share, and we are grateful for the divinity that brought all this together.

We experience the oneness of all and live as though there is no “us” and “them.” We receive everything as a gift. There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to let go of, and nothing to wait for, only giving right now. Our baseline emotions are gratitude, love, joy, acceptance and benevolence. Being is all there is.

When something needs to be done or there is something new to discover, we may decide to return to the Seasons of Transform or Discover with this level of consciousness. At this point we transition into the Season of Integrate.

Original article Paul Newton, DC, based on the work of Donald Epstein, DC