The Benefits of Feeling and Expressing More Emotions

If I were to have a conversation with the average British person and suggest that they may get benefit from becoming more emotional, I doubt I would receive a positive response. As a culture, the “stiff upper lip” is still very engrained and emotions are often seen as a sign of weakness. We are often taught as children to keep our emotions inside and not express them. Because of this I believe that when people hear the word “emotional” they associate this with negative emotions such as sadness, fear, anger (though debatable if this is totally negative) or despair. They don’t associate being emotional so much with positive emotions such as joy, happiness, excitement and gratitude.

How would your life look if you expressed more joy, more happiness, more excitement, more gratitude, more love, more desire and more passion? And that’s just my starter list….

If you look at the evolutionary purpose of emotion it is to create rapid action. Emotions developed as a response to life threatening stresses and emotions were what fuelled your response to run or fight. Fortunately very few of us encounter life threatening situations. But life in the 21st century increasingly calls upon us to adapt to challenges and create new habits. Emotions fuel this and having a greater emotional range can radically improve your life.

We all like to think we make changes based on what we think. We like to see ourselves as rational, educated, intelligence beings who make our choices consciously and are in control of our choices. I challenge you on that belief. My experience, working with 1000’s of people with health challenges is that change is driven by the emotions we are capable of feeling and expressing and the scientific community is slowly coming to a similar conclusion.

Do you chose your Emotions or are you a Victim to them?

Many also believe that emotions are a response to our environment. I’m telling you – this is not true. You can chose to have any emotional response to any situation. The choice is yours. And practicing emotional responses gives you more choices than you can dream of.

So this year I intend to personally explore how increasing my emotional range impacts on my life and I invite you to join me.

Each week I will post a new emotion and suggestions as to how you can feel and express more of this emotion and the possible consequences for your life if you were to do it. I invite your feedback and participation.

Stay tuned, the first emotion we will explore is “Delight”

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