Bound Energy - latest from the ARHP

Latest article from the Association for Re-organizational Healing Practice

Energy for transformation in Network Spinal analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration is the bound energy in the system.  But what is this energy and where does it come from? Every system has a currency of energy.  In politics its power and influence, in entertainment its attention, in economics its money.  In the human biological system there are actually a number of “currencies” depending on which part of the system you are addressing.

The liberation of this energy through the Respiratory Wave and Somatopsychic Wave and into a space for a new choice or level of organization is what a Reorganizational Healing practitioner is amazing at.  An interesting question is what created this bound energy in the first place?  By the time a new patient arrives at the office the bound energy is in their system, but why and how?

Similar to stress, we want some energy bound in a person.  There has to be enough energy to do basic things that are critical to life and optimal function.  We need some energy bound in the Bio-energetic system to do things like hold the connective tissue together, create elasticity, catalyze biochemical reactions.  In the physical body the mechanism for storage will be in the tissues.  This is evident in armoring, a concept spoken about by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and has been shown in research that emotional stress will alter the tensile nature of the tissues and have an effect on reflexes. 

 In the Lower Mental EI energy is bound in knowledge that allows us to seamlessly operate in a culture, know what is appropriate and what is not and to make simple “this or that” type choices.  One way the lower mind binds energy is as habit.  Researchstates that it takes 66 days to form a habit.  If you examine the process of habit making you are really investing energy to create a pattern in the lower mind that will sustain itself.  When this habit is ingrained it becomes useful bound energy that will more efficient guide us towards the outcome we had in mind when we created that habit.  The habit can dissolve through entropy, the natural breaking down of getting out of a habit.  Increased environmental pressures can also breakdown a habit, this means that there was more energy outside the system that it could handle and the habit broke. 

The Upper Mental Intelligence can bind energy as well.  By seeing potential future opportunities as a way to anchor and re-affirm the sense of self the upper mind is binding energy into the belief that the “me” we see ourselves to be is the truth.  This “truth” will knock on the door of the Soul Energetic Intelligence and the Soul will teach us a larger truth.

The issue with bound energy becomes when it is locked into a system in a way that is unresourceful. This happens when the energy of the environment is greater than the system has the capability to manage in any given moment.  Because the universe is an efficient place that energy isn’t spilled down the drain, it must go somewhere.  In our case it is stored until it can be accessed and integrated.

This storing process has physical, emotional, mental and spiritual demands depending on the amount of energy being stored and the capacity or resourcefulness in that area of life.  When the ability to store has been overridden pain results as a natural feedback mechanism to let the person know that they are off course and must do something different.

The bound energy that becomes uncomfortable, painful or otherwise challenging typically occurs because it is not able to integrate into the system.  Like a pebble in your shoe this energy does not have an appropriate resting place and it will cause irritation.  There are multiple strategies that are available to address this.  In ROH we have the strategies of connect and release (level 1 NSA), using it as fuel for transformation (level 2) and letting it transform our sense of self to a wider truth (level 3). 

It is valuable to examine utilizing the bound energy as a mechanism for change as a strategy overall.  Does that mean that we become dependent on “problems” or other environmental energy in order to create transformation? 

There is another source of energy called the un-bound energy.  That energy is not really part of the ROH model and is really the focus of Dr. Donald Epstein’s new emerging energetic discipline. 

Understanding how the energy bound in a patient or practice members experience will be a valuable awareness for them.  Did they become unresourceful because they were operating from an energy poor state and entropy broke down what they didn’t have enough energy to sustain?  For example did they get complacent at their job and then get fired?  Or did they find themselves in an environment where the demands of the situation were way beyond what the system was able to offer like an attack or rape. 

Understanding the mechanism of how the energy bound in their system allows the opportunity for learning and creating sustainable structures that allow for navigating life in a way that will produce more health, wellness and the life enjoyment.