Energy Rich, Energy Neutral, Energy Poor - what are you?

One of the most common discussions we have nowadays is around how much energy we have or more commonly about how we don’t have enough to do everything we want.

Energy is like a currency and many people just don’t seem to be able to find enough to do what they want.

Energy can be broken down into different types. We talk a lot about physical stamina and fitness. Do you have enough to get you through the day? Many people rely on mental strength to push themselves to do what needs to be done. Some people get their energy from how they respond emotionally be it anger or excitement, it’s the emotions that drive them forwards. And some people use the energy of love to motivate and achieve.


Whatever your energy sources, if you don’t have enough energy you may end each day feeling drained and frustrated.

So let’s discuss what energy poor, neutral and rich really means?

Energy Poor

This is what I call survival mode. You have enough energy to just about get by. Enough to do your job, feed and clothe your kids, say hi to your partner and then hit bed. There is very little energy left for pleasure or enjoyment. You are focussed on getting through the day and just hoping that you’ll be ok.

People who are energy poor often have health problems. It may be a chronic disease or chronic pain. Or may be chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. Whatever you challenge you are rationing your energy reserves so that you can survive, because survival is you highest aspiration. Your primary emotions tend to be anger, despair or frustration and can drop as low as hopelessness. It’s not that there is no love or positive emotions in your life, it’s just not your main focus.

To preserve your energy you often eat a restricted diet as so many foods upset you. You have a daily routine that you stick to and you plan as much as possible.

If a major life event happens you rarely have the resources to handle it and this can often lead to time off work or breakdown of something in your life be it your career or relationships. There just isn’t enough energy to sustain what you have and you don’t know how to change it.

Many people consult us as Network practitioners when they are in this state. We are often their last choice because they have exhausted the conventional approaches and come out of desperation.

Energy Neutral

The best way of describing energy neutral is the famous British expression “I’m just fine”. And you mean it. Life is pretty ok. Your health problems are managed, either by medications, diet or an exercise regime and life is fairly easy. Your career is usually going ok, your relationships are ok, you often feel you have achieved what you set out to achieve. And as long as nothing rocks the boat you know that you can keep going like this for a long time.

What energy neutral tends to lack is excitement. Even energy poor can have more emotion going but when everything is managed and just fine it can get a little boring. It can be flat. Although nothing is really wrong it looks great on paper but there is something missing.

And it doesn’t take much to rock the apple cart. Your back which has been ok for ages still gives you episodes of pain and you can’t really explain why, just that maybe there was some stress at work or one of the kids was upset. You energy levels are good enough to do everything you planned to do but when an invite comes for a weekend away you still hesitate. Will I be ok if I do that? You’re not totally sure you can stretch yourself. When challenges come up at work, a new boss, an unexpected project or a sick colleague you find that you don’t have the capacity to handle it.

Because we often get complacent when things are fine it often takes a big event to make us ask bigger questions and to look for more.

So you start to ask: Is everything as fine as I thought it was? What’s really going on here? Is there something more to life than this?

Energy Rich

When someone is energy rich you just want to be with them. You want something of what they’re having. It’s not necessarily that they are extrovert or out there, you are just attracted to their energy or outlook. They seem to be able to find magic in things that you didn’t even notice. And when life throws them a stressful event or challenge they just find a way of not only coping with it but growing from it. If you didn’t like them so much you’d probably be jealous!

It’s not that people in an energy rich state don’t have problems or health challenges. They just deal with them in a totally different way. They are focussed on what they can do, how they can best do it and how to make the biggest difference for their life and the lives of others. They experience the positive emotions of love, gratitude, joy and compassion. They seem to light up people wherever they go. Their actions make a difference that is felt beyond their immediate close circle.

It takes a very big stressor or event to knock someone energy rich off track. They take things in their stride and experience seemingly immovable problems as opportunities to grow and make a difference.

And you?

What is your experience of your world? What makes you energy rich and how much time do you spend there? What needs to change in your body and your life? Are you happy how you are or are things just fine? What’s really going on?

And if you do look at your life and realize that Energy Poor is your baseline, don't be despondent. You always have choices and it may be at this point you need to look towards energy neutral first, rather than the seemingly unrealistic goals of energy rich. We all have choices and where you put your focus can radically change the outcomes.....

I ask myself these questions and more on a regular basis, and when things need to change I look for how I need and want to be and then work out what I can do.