Goals of Discover

Discover is all about how we hold our body(mind) when we are struggling with symptoms or are disconnected from ourselves. You never stop discovering but the first time you visit this season you will learn a lot about yourself (if you chose to)

Goals include:

  • Becoming aware of how and where we hold tensions in our spine and body.
  • Learning how to release tension that no longer serves us.
  • Understanding how tension affects us.
  • Developing a Respiratory Wave throughout the spine and being aware of it.

By the end of your first Season of Discover your passive (bones), active (muscles) and neural (nerve) tension should be 40-50% lower than when you started care

How do I increase my awareness?

Some people find that the application of NSA contacts brings the greatest levels of awareness into their spines and body.

Others find that they can increase their awareness more if they spend time doing SRI.

What brings most awareness to you? Is it when you focus on the breath moving through the spine, or is it focusing on the movement that brings ease. Or is it focussing on the energy as it moves up the body? Experiment and see which works the best for you. This may change over time, so don’t expect it to always be the same.

What if I struggle with Awareness?

We all have natural styles and some find awareness very easy. For others it is a challenge. If you’re in the latter group, that’s ok. It may be that because of years spent in a defensive posture you might need a bit more time for your internal self to feel safe to feel or you may need to look for changes in how you do things, how you organize your life or how you hold yourself (posture) first before becoming aware of the internal experience.

Don’t be disheartened. You will still experience the benefits of NSA/SRI. Often it is the journey that brings the greatest gifts.

Come to the SRI Discover classes and share experiences. Talk to other Practice Members and ask them how about their journey and their experience of their body. You may be surprised to find out who feels the most and who is challenged when it comes to awareness.

How Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration exercises can help you in the Season of Discover

  • The respiratory wave is the best strategy to help you connect and release tension in the spine
  • Tension can only be healed from the inside if you reach a state of peace or ease which is best created with the application of NSA on the spine
  • The Respiratory Wave and Stages 1, 2 and 3 SRI exercises are essential during this process to help the brain to reorganize itself at a higher level of function
  • Becoming aware in an important step to increase your self-healing capacities
  • Becoming aware is a step towards self-healing as it is difficult to change if you don’t know what you’re changing.
  • Celebrate what you have learnt!

Questions and key observations to deepen the season of discovery on this subject

  • How do I connect to my body?
  • How do I listen to my body?
  • What increases/decreases my awareness?
  • How do I respond physically to a stress or challenging event?
  • How does my body respond when I’m in pain?
  • How does lack of sleep or mental stress impact on my body?
  • How do I recover? How do I release tensions? How do I recharge my batteries when they are low? 
  • How does tension in my body affect my relationship with family, friends and colleagues?
  • How does it affect my ability to perform? How well do I make decisions when there is a lot of tension in my body? How are things different when I’m in a state of ease?