Your body and your nervous system have 2 gears and limited energy or resources. You can only be in one gear at any one time.

A. Growth/repair: This is where you want to spend most of your time. In this state you have good immune function, you are repairing/replacing tissues, your body is able to assimilate nutrients from your diet (digestion) and your muscles and joints are relaxed.

B. Fight/flight or Defence: In this state your body is concerned with defending itself. You tense muscles and joints ready to run or fight, your blood pressure rises, your body mobilizes sugar supplies increasing blood sugar whilst at the same depressing immune function and depressing digestion. Chemicals are released that tell your body you are in danger and need to act. When this state becomes chronic this can lead to depression, anxiety and low mood.

NSA chiropractors can assess how much defence is in your body by measuring tension in your muscles (active), spine (passive) and heel tension (neural) systems and by assessing your posture.


Research shows that people in Posture B are significantly more likely to suffer from health problems, including pain, cardiovascular disease, headache, digestive upsets, osteoporosis, decreased general health status and mortality.

Posture is essentially a subconscious process. How often do you find yourself slumping at your desk? It is a learnt behaviour that reflects how well (or not) your body has processed physical, chemical and mental stresses over time.

The good news is Posture can be changed!

 How Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration exercises can help improve your posture

  • Posture can be changed by changing your physiological status (changing gears from flight/flight to growth and healing). As the Respiratory wave of Level 1 of care develops in your spine you start to move towards a state of growth and ease.
  • It can only be healed from the inside if you reach a state of peace or ease which is best created with the application of NSA on the spine
  • The respiratory wave is the best strategy to help you connect and release tension in the spine
  • The Respiratory Wave and the Stage 1, 2 and 3 SRI exercises are essential during this process to help the brain to reorganize itself at a higher level of function
  • Becoming aware in the first and a necessary step to increase your self-healing capacities

Questions and key observations to deepen the season of discovery on this subject

  • What is your posture? Are you A or B? Ask your partner or a friend to look at you or look at your posture photos?
  • How do you respond to criticism? Do you go rapidly defensive or are you open to critique as an opportunity for growth and change?
  • When do you find yourself running or avoiding from situations?
  • When do you find yourself changing and adapting well to challenges?
  • Do you make short (defensive) or long term decisions with respect to your health? With respect to other aspects of your life?